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Main » 2013 » December » 18 » rsyslog
rsyslog 7.4.7 stable released!
Author: Rainer Gerhards
Rsyslog is an enhanced syslogd supporting, among others, MySQL, PostgreSQL, failover log destinations, syslog/tcp, fine grain output format control, high precision timestamps, queued operations and the ability to filter on any message part. It is quite compatible to stock sysklogd and can be used as a drop-in replacement. Its advanced features make it suitable for enterprise-class, encryption protected syslog relay chains while at the same time being very easy to setup for the novice user. And as we know what enterprise users really need, there are also rsyslog professional services available directly from the source!

Changelog for 7.4.7 stable:
√ bugfix: limiting queue disk space did not work properly
          » queue.maxdiskspace actually initializes queue.maxfilesize
          » total size of queue files was not checked against queue.maxdiskspace for disk assisted queues.
   Thanks to Karol Jurak for the patch.
√ bugfix: linux kernel-like ratelimiter did not work properly with all inputs (for example, it did not work with imdup). The reason was that
   the PRI value was used, but that needed parsing of the message, which was done too late.
√ bugfix: disk queues created files in wrong working directory if the $WorkDirectory was changed multiple times, all queues only used the last value set.
√ bugfix: legacy directive $ActionQueueWorkerThreads was not honored
√ bugfix: segfault on startup when certain script constructs are used
   e.g. "if not $msg …"
√ bugfix: imuxsock: UseSysTimeStamp config parameter did not work correctly
   Thanks to Tomas Heinrich for alerting us and provinding a solution suggestion.
√ bugfix: $SystemLogUseSysTimeStamp/$SystemLogUsePIDFromSystem did not work
   Thanks to Tomas Heinrich for the patch.
√ improved checking of queue config parameters on startup
√ bugfix: call to ruleset with async queue did not use the queue
√ bugfix: if imtcp is loaded and no listeners are configured (which is uncommon), rsyslog crashes during shutdown.
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