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Polarity Browser
Author: Stan Lim
Scores on HTML5
Polarity is a web browser that uses Chromium thanks to Awesomium. This browser was also programmed to be optimized for Windows. Browse the web with an uncomplicated UI and a well rounded engine. All credit has been given in the about dialog.
  • Ad Blocker
  • Web Filter
  • Garbage Collector greatly reducing memory usage.
  • Crash Recovery
  • Built in Translator
  • Themes
  • Voice Recognition
  • Dual Engine browsing.
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Native WebGL support.
  • Live Search results.
Views: 1627 | Added by: arthaz | Date: 2013 December 11 | Comments (0)

CyberDragon Browser 1.5.4 released!
Author: Stefan Froberg
CDB1.5.4 tabs support
CyberDragon Browser is an privacy enhanced browser that protects your surfing habits.
Still in early beta but the following features have been implemented:
  • Tracker blocker. It will block over 6000 various trackers from following your daily surfing habits.Later version will allow user defined tracker blocker rules that can be exported/imported and also automatic master tracker blocker file updater to always keep your surfing data safe from bad guys.
  • Very strict, zero-tolerance cookie control. By default, only session cookies that have Secure and HttpOnly cookie attributes set are allowed. Also, all 3rd party cookies are blocked by default. Later version will have ability to define site specific cookie rules to override these global settings.
Views: 1674 | Added by: arthaz | Date: 2013 December 11 | Comments (0)

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