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Main » 2010 » March » 15 » HyperSQL 2.1 (Stable)
HyperSQL 2.1 (Stable)
HyperSQL is like a doxygen plus javadoc for SQL, hypermapping SQL views, packages, procedures, and functions to HTML source code listings and showing all code locations where
these are used, while some basic syntax highlighting is applied to the SQL code. The internal "where used" functionality also scans C++ and Java source files.

  • flexible configuration by use of .ini file
  • generates nicely formatted HTML files, CSS adjustable by use of .css file
  • parses SQL, C++ and Java files according to file extensions you configured
  • generates hyperlinked listings of all objects found (SQL views, packages, functions, procedures, etc.)
  • hyperlinks object names to their appearance in the source code
  • generates "where used" lists, to show where your objects have been used
    by other objects (if they have) - helps you to find unused code if not,
    or example usages if found
  • generates API references from JavaDoc style comments
  • generates a central bug and a central todo list, compiled from all the @bug and @todo items in your JavaDoc comments
If you find HyperSQL to be useful, you may also be interested in Hyperschema.
creates really cool and useful hypermaps from SQL database schema,
consists of a small PL/SQL metadata extractor and a Python (or C)
postprocessor file.

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